9 Reasons to Outsource Customer Service to a Call Center


Speaking into a phone the whole day may sound fun when you are at home, but that is not the case in call centers. Why? Because you have all kinds of voices communicating with you in various kinds of ways, Good or Bad. Have you ever thought that why people receive bad answers?

 Unprofessional approaches in call do not allow you to convey your message to the customers properly which increases efforts in time as well as your money.

 There is a reason why Call centers Service came into existence and they are so sought after in today’s era. 

India is a very happening hub for call centers. There were 350000 call centers in India in February 2015, so guess what the number would have grown up to now? Factors that have made this possible are India’s convenient time zone, low labour costs, and a large English-speaking population. 

Now Let’s look into the reasons for call centers being so trending and prominent. 

Why You should outsource call center services to Customer service center

Reduced Costs

 Most of the companies feel that if a call-center can employ talents, why can’t we? But they do not know that there are many points to consider before doing the same. 

  • Taking out time for site selection
  • Operating and staffing
  • Maintaining technologies and facilities

These three bullet points cannot determine the number of efforts that are put into these processes. And what does the client do? He benefits directly by paying only for the services that are directly needed. By outsourcing to a call-center, you apply for a “shared-agent” program. 

In an out-sourced call center, there is high occupancy. It also helps in bringing down the workload ratio in your company which enhances more productivity in your staff. 

There exist companies who hire agents differently per contract and they specialize in that field and services only. 

Surety of Efforts in work  

Inbound calls are uncertain matters. Sometimes calls may arrive in huge numbers and sometimes there might just be 12 calls per day. During such low-work days, agents and equipment may remain idle. 

An outsourcer would know what to do with the free time, so the agents do not lose their creativity as well as producing energy. Call centers are used to handle emergency situations or day-to-day work. Call centers know how to take the maximum use of the talent of the agents so customers benefit most from their services. 

In some cases, they hire centers to handle the regular workload whereas they handle the overflowed workload. 

Data collection Expertise

Data is an important aspect of the call-center business. 

A call center would know where to find the data and how to manipulate it in a way that maximum benefits are received for the customer. Also, the fact that they would have worked multiple businesses and campaigns so they can provide great help in converting raw data into useful information. 

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 Cost Tracking

How would one know about the cost of the operations they are undertaking? 

Outsourced services can give you detailed costs per transactions and costs per hour because their billing procedures are set up that way. Understanding Costs are a core capability and the total cost is shown in the bill each month. In-house operations tend to have hidden costs, making it difficult to track and manage the financial aspects of the company, and call center is a great solution to the same. 

Quality Monitoring

Different companies have different service agreements according to their field of work. Rigorous monitoring is done on the processes that are followed by the agents. This is done to ensure that the calls are handled in a timely and professional manner. 

The agents here are highly trained in monitoring and coaching techniques. Daily performance assessment is done which might not be the case in an in-house center where supervisors might not devote sufficient time and attention to it. 

Future – Proof services

The call-center services are moving fast along with the globe. 

Technologies and ideas are changing. Consumers are now used to receiving attention from their brands, so why can’t you do the same? You can outsource your services to a call center and forget about worrying about customer care from your company. The best agents would be calling up your customers 24 X 7 which would be an added benefit in your favour.

Looking to the future, Companies are now experimenting with Artificial Intelligence, chat bots and speech recognition software, all to make their customers feel welcomed. Thus, Outsourcing call-center services help you improve your relationship with your customers and save costs in an entirely positive way. 

Availability of trustworthy Companies

What matters more than money? 

A company’s reputation. Do you believe that a company would jeopardize their clients’ data to let of their reputation? Obviously Not. 

There are many big-budget call centers that have been in the market for a long, long time and they would think not twice, but thrice before exploiting their clients’ data. Instead, they will be keen to provide a good cyber as well as physical infrastructure which determines the safety of the clients’ personal data.  They would have the needed financial capability to scale their operations as well. 

Better performance due to collaborative efforts

An in-house call center would not be as productive as a professional call center. 


The agents there would not be confined to their cubicles and would discuss pro-actively regarding the issues or problems faced. They would discuss in a group with collaboration tools and solve any complex issue as a team. 

Call-centers with such an environment perform 50% better than the traditional centers and reduce risk by 25%. Such centers have agents who stay for a longer period which increases collective knowledge and experience. 

The results produced by such teams are also nothing less than herculean efforts. 

Round-the-clock operations

There are growing expectations of every company which require an in-house call- center to remain open 7 days of the week. 

Now, this might not be everyone company’s cup of tea. 

The small number of calls that arrive in an in-house call center would take up a lot of time and money for what they are worth. An outsource can provide service at a much lower cost per call and help to maintain the business in around-the-clock availability. 

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Wrapping up the Scenario

With many new services in this era, Call centers seem to be changing the face of customer experience. More customers can resolve more issues very independently without the need for any kind of intervention. By embracing the culture of contact center, enterprises can rest assured that their issues will be solved efficiently and with unparalleled ease. 

This would be benefiting agents, the organization and most importantly, the customers of any Industry. 


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