Digital marketing myths which you need to clear today.

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Well when we are talking about digital marketing services and concept of digital marketing there are many thing to read and write. There are lots of blogs and articles that shows how do SEO or Digital marking but all do not worth if it is not updated.

Updated content is necessary when you are going to implement that Digital marketing strategies practically because digital marketing is based on Google, yahoo, bing update. Off course Google update plays vital role in it but you cannot ignore another search giant. Than how can we forget social media it is also part of the digital marketing and off course we need to consider the update of these social giants.

Need to work about only content marketing

This is the big myth that after BERT you need to work only on the content. Frankly content is not the king but your product or services is the king and content has to serve the king.

 Content marketing is most important part of Digital marketing and it should be used strategically to rank your keywords and get conversions. At the same time it should be useful to your user only then you will be able to get conversion.

 Consider one thing writing blog and content marketing is not absolutely same. Blogs are generally in informative form but it may not produce your business. You need identify the needs of your user actually what is they are looking for.

 But you do not under estimate the power of proper content marketing; well research content will always generate the result.

SEO is worthless

SEO is not dead, but yes SEO depends on Google and other search engine so it is changed with all updates.

SEO makes your site healthy and put it in the market that can attract the visitors. Definitely it is time consuming process but it is still effective.

There are many people who do not have patience to wait. Infect it is not necessary but it is recommendation by all digital marketing strategist that you should do SEO of your site.

Just making a site will not put you in online market, but SEO implementation will bring traffic to your site and make it visible for all users. SEO will help you to drive right traffic to your site.

More content is always better

Well this is again myth but not completely. Off course long is best when they cover all aspects of the content. People love long content when it provide complete updated information.

Do you know why? Off course yes if they will find all the things at the same place why would they go somewhere else?

This is the only reason why people like long content.  People are actually looking for the valuable and in depth quality content, which is written after good research so focus on quality of the content not on its length.

Digital marketing can’t generate quick, near-term results

Well SEO is time consuming process. When you prepare good strategy and work on it daily you will surely get result. Just need to stick on it. For SEO you can say “ The longer you invest a higher return you will get.”

When you want instant result they go for paid advertisement. Google ads, Facebook ads are awesome for this type of result at the same time you can also use other available platform.  Just need to identify which platform will work for campaigns.

Here you should go strategically use paid platform that will also help to boost your SEO and yes it is possible.

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Email Marketing is dead

No it is absolutely wrong, even Email marketing is as strong as it was before and effective too. Whenever you want to promote your services, product or blog use email marketing. It is still impressive in the corporate field and user click Emails when they find it relevant.

So email marketing is alive but now people are looking for either lucrative offer or something relevant. If you work after understand your potential customer needs than you will definitely get a clicks.

 Digital Marketing is Not for Small Businesses

It is myth, digital marketing is best for each and all type of the business in this digital era. Many people do not find it fit for their business because they feel it is costly but it have much benefits also and it will take your business at next level.

If you are a owner of business than you must think in your life to expand it then you cannot say not digital marketing because SEO is stands for organic traffic. it is not depend on paid advertisement.  

If you fail in digital marketing than it is also possible you would not prefer it for your small business but it all depends on the strategy how you work on it.

But digital marketing is suitable for all type of the businesses. So say yes to digital marketing to enhance your business.

 Ignore negative comments

Now a day’s people trust on comments and posted reviews. So consider them when you have ongoing digital marketing for your business. Review is most important but you cannot ignore negative comments. Identify reasons behind it and do not delete that comment, because it will effect on trust factor of your brand.

Negative remarks are the part of digital marketing because no businesses have 100% satisfied customers but you can reply them and try to solve their issues.

Social Media Marketing is all about Covering All the Channels

Well many people believe posting on all channels that means you are doing social media marketing.

Here are two term social media optimization and social media marketing and only posting on all channels is not part of any term.

You need to identify which platform work better for your business and go for it. All platforms are not best for all type of the businesses.

Hence, you need to identify your targeted audience who can be your potential customer and you need to work only for them. Negative traffic does not worth it. Whether you are going for the organic reach and paid reach your target must be clear to get result. Off course do not take Burden for like first thing about reach because it is most important.

Get idea

Social media is marketing is just posting on your page

It is big myth I have ever seen, seriously. Do not just share just wishing and your event post only. People would love these thing that what I agree. But they will not come closer to your product or services. By only doing this your followers never get idea of your exact service and product.

So, by doing this you may get good engagement but it will not going to generate your business. In digital marketing user focuses is important.

Give your user what they are looking for and they can relate with, something informative and beneficial to them.

Digital marketing is all about the traffic

Digital marketing is not only about getting traffic from anywhere you can get. It is process to drive relative and original traffic to your website that is useful to improve your ROI.

If you have garage then you can be useful to only those who are living nearby or sometime for passerby. You not need to introduce your service in another city.

Well digital marketing is same. Try to reach those whom you can be helpful to generate revenue. After all you are doing business to generate the revenue revenue.

 There is No Need for Multiple Mediums

It is again myth that true all channels are not suitable for all business but you cannot rely on single platform. Try to reach your client using various platforms like SEO, Social Media, and Mail marketing and so on.

Analyze which platform is beneficial for you and focus more over it but that does not mean overlook other platform. Because business is the matter of the trust factor and it will take time there are various channels of the Digital Marketing and all channel have number of platform to perform and all are important.

Did you Know?

2.9 billion Google Searches are Conduct on a daily basis.

Google makes changes to try to drive people to buy ads

It is myth that Google makes changes to try to drive people to buy ads. Actually, Google is continuously trying to improve its search result. Definitely Google also focus on ads but the ads are depends on the qualities and best user experience.

So here we can say Google is only work to improve users’ search experience day by day. That is the only reason it include feature snippet, related questions, business details, paid ads and so on. This all things are available on single click that shows for Google user experience is must and if you work for the same Google will rank you on first page.

Wrapping up

Well digital marketing has always been plagued by rumors and myths about what works and what doesn’t. and why not ? You will daily find new blog or article having different strategy or update. But past tactics are not going to work in 2020.

Google have given 3 magical words to be successful in digital marketing is trustworthiness, authenticity and effectiveness. Follow these try to improve your users’ experience and rank on Google.

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