9 Game-changing trends for business in 2021


Technology and Trends play its best part in every part of the world. Especially now, when the pandemic has changed the equations of how we work and what we do to gain profit. Every businessman is engrossed in figuring out innovative strategies to make his product sell and outgrow the Trending strategies that are being used for years.

Here, the old strategies are not useless. The point here is to give an aggressive exertion to those strategies with value-added ideas to bring the best results in a minimal amount of time.

You might contain exceptional expertise in showcasing what you do, and how your product is special, but the customer always thinks about the ‘why’? Why should they buy your product when they have many options in the market?

There is a limit to solo-marketing efforts and this is where digital marketing comes in! Let’s have a look at these strategies that can transform the face of your business.

Impact of COVID-19 on the Market

The new developments in the market demand new research, more options, a creative approach, and most of all, the convincing power needed to entertain customers. Subtle market approaches and Smart ways to enhance your product’s benefits are only what distinguish your product from others.

‘There is a solid chance that you can be using square footage more productively… We don’t need another retailer selling jeans and black pants unless they bring a point of view and an experience that no one else has.’

– Rachel Shechtman, Founder of Story

What are the most accurate lines that apply to Marketing and Sales today?

To gain success we need to stand up to whatever 2021 holds for us. How? Read on to find out!

Do not Force or Push

 2020 has been a year that has forcibly taken many things from many people. It has a general aura of a year that has been taken away, which has affected the common mentality too. You cannot take the risk of sounding persistent, more than needed.

What you can do instead is, take a compassionate approach that shows them their benefits more than the loss of their monetary resources. Show them that your intention is educating them regarding the benefits of your product.

  • Use your product strength
  • Find common ground for your product to co-exist in the customer’s mind.
  • Solve their problems with your product
  • Prepare yourself for courteous arguments

Account-based Marketing Trends

Account-based marketing works in steps along the way, but noticeably shortens your sales cycle and maintains your marketing reach. This is a method used by companies where they focus on the larger accounts of their company and identify the target market.

Step 1: Identify the high-value target accounts in your company.

Step 2: Conduct due-diligence on those accounts

Step 3: Develop customized marketing campaigns for those accounts.

Step 4: Run those marketing campaigns

Step 5: Measure the campaign and its results.

The point to be noted here is that the marketing campaigns that you conduct will be tailor-made solutions that aim to please the client. They will not only generate revenue but create relations, which is what is worth doing in 2021!

Visual Interactions Trends

Publish your stories. Engage your customers. Build rapport with them without any direct communication. Get enlisted in their hearts. How can you do this? Effective video marketing gives you beautiful solutions for the same. In a video, you can introduce concepts that connect to the heart and when something connects to the heart, the product’s prices and technicalities are weighted lesser in comparison.

In videos, you balance your company/product’s history, present, and future with emotion and that’s how video marketing brings out the best! Some emotions are worth more than a thousand words, and this is something a curated blog or email just won’t do.

Not only this, it has other benefits in store too!

  • It connects with the audience.
  • It’s a ‘mother lode’ of SEO –builds backlinks, boosted likes and shares are received, and traffic is automatically driven to your website.
  • Boost information retention.
  • More people are bound to watch a video than read a description.

Virtual Reality Trends

The new market demands compelling and realistic experiences that leave an impression in your mind. As we know, the first impressions are always the last ones, especially in terms of companies and products. For creating such impressions, the best experience is virtual reality!

How does Virtual Reality Marketing affect your business?

  • There is no risk
  • Safe and Controlled risk
  • Realistic Scenarios are presented as per your requirements
  • Can be done remotely which saves time and resources
  • It improves the recalling power of your customers.
  • It simplifies complex mindsets by giving straightforward experiences.
  • It is suitable if there are different learning concepts
  • It is innovative
  • The customer will be ‘convinced’, and it will not be an ‘enforced’ experience.

Be it an even organization or creating a remarkable sales experience, the best overview is provided by this approach and this is where attractive marketing techniques come into play in 2021!

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a great concept that ensures that sales teams in 2021, will become proactive and productive. How?

  1. Salespeople are volatile people but they are often caught up in manual tasks like sales and appointment tracking. AI automatically does those junk tasks and admin work and allows them to do what they are hired to do, Sales.
  2. Automatic customer insights are granted to the sales reps. where have they been engaged the most on your website, what solutions they are interested in, and where you can pin-point their interests.
  3. AI helps you to skim the healthy accounts of your company so you can also prioritize leads.
  4. It makes pricing a very easy process as AI takes all past transactions, pricing patterns, locations, and sizes into consideration and gives you optimized prices.
  5. You can accurately forecast sales due to AI-driven insights as it helps you to forecast sales with the help of a comparison of historical data.

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Predictive Analysis

Predictive analysis is a great option, owing to the recent changes in the market. You have to stay ready for any and every process and turn the market makes, and companies are soon turning to predictive analytics with the same.

How is it beneficial?

Detecting deception – Proper analysis of any pattern can lead us to fraudulent ways of working.

Optimizing campaigns- Customer responses, purchases, and product choices can be deducted, and through this pattern, you can easily lead your campaigns in a successful direction for maximum sales.

Improve business operations- Business operations can be forecasted from earlier and this way we can effectively manage and control resources used by the team.

Risk reduction- Risks can be reduced when you catch hold of patterns that credit takers make. You can easily identify a person who mal-practices in payment opportunities.

Security Based Business Working

How can you trust a business? This is the only question which arises nowadays on the customers’ mind. Marketing persons will now always try to figure out a way that helps them to create a lasting and trustworthy impression in the minds of consumers. Now, it’s time to maintain a balance between hyper-personalization and maintaining the security of information.

Know your Visitors

People will always look for more and more data. Now, it’s time for data enrichment where businessmen will figure out how to get more data that is useful and nourishes their business. This way, 2021 holds more opportunities for lead generation.

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Voice Search

Voice Search Optimization is the most recent trend! You can edit and make the keywords through which someone can use to search, and this way, you can take benefits of voice search features.

It’s time to start living 2021 from 2020 itself!

2021 helps you live many technologies in every way and helps you create a new experience. It’s time to start using these methods and technologies to create more business opportunities!


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