Top 8 strategies that can reduce the cost of operations & increase cash flow.


One Stop Solutions to every business challenge are available which can change the course of how you do your business and reduce your cost at the same time. Here are some lines that may depict the reality of almost every company’s situation here.

You keep on working away and the day seems to pass away,
At the end of the month you see bills standing in your way,
you cannot keep your fear of failure at bay,
The operations are costing more than they ever should,

The employees are failing to do the work at which they were Good, 
you don’t know whom to target and whom to forget,
Your cash Flow is falling apart like the world economies in many ways,
The only thing you can do is pray that everything goes the other way!

The current situations are some of the toughest situations one might face as there are new pages in every aspect of the world. Nothing seems as it is and nothing is what it used to be. Every person is searching through different ways of innovation that increases a person’s utility in ways that bring a company’s bank balance in good health.

There are countless techniques to make significant IT cost reductions.

First of all let’s look at some points which may apply to our current situations.

Go with Fixed Assets

Fixed assets are those kinds of assets which are under the ownership of your company. In the management arena, fixed asset management takes a special position.

You never know what the cost of your fixed assets is and what value they might hold in future. A part of being a good entrepreneur is that he knows the extent of his resources fully and how he may utilize them if the need arises.

Some assets are just lying unused, and it is up to you to understand that how will you gain profit from those assets?

Cost reduction does not only mean cutting costs, it is equivalent to understanding that which other assets are moneymakers for the firm in innovative ways.

IT Infrastructure Standardization

IT infrastructure might seem simple to manage and maintain, but from the POV of an IT manager, different types of configurations and systems can prove as a headache leading to compatibility and performance issues.

IT Infrastructure consistency means, even though there are different soft wares and hardware in the firm, there is a consistency maintained.  

  • Let’s see the benefits of IT Standardization.
  • Training and support to employees become less complicated and expensive.
  • Upgrades become easier to implement everywhere which yields faster returns on investments.
  • It improves your negotiation ability with vendors and gives you access to enterprise-grade technology.
  • From a security View-point, you would not have to monitor and troubleshoot different tools and devices which makes it less time-consuming and easy to trace any suspicious activity.

You need to define that which departments in your firm can be standardized. It is preferable that you do this with input from your employees because some skills require equally special tools.

Outsource to improve your resource

Outsourcing is a huge concept globally which has given wings to a number of businesses all over the world. The biggest benefit of outsourcing services and staff is that the in-house expenses take a dive and gradually disappear.

You can control your core operations and manage expenditure control simultaneously as the expertise of freelancers or agencies provide you ample time and expertise for it.

Let’s look at some obvious benefits of out-sourcing.

Outsourcing your services and staff are the best ways leading towards continuous efforts and delivery models look forward to these processes. Moreover, the robust benefits include the continuous activity on your assignments as no calamity, or sudden situations can stop your work from getting completed.

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Manage your cash flow management

  • The Advent of technologies has given a wide range of solutions that can instantly give solutions. But at the end, you will see the downfall of numerous well instated companies just because they were unable to control their cash flow.
  • Let’s jot down some points that are noticeable if you really look,
  • Review all expenses whether they are minor or major and check for unnecessary ones.
  • Cut traditional advertising and marketing as much as you can and give way to innovative solutions for them.
  • Create partnerships with related employers for combos and products that puts you into the limelight.
  • Barter system might be old and not in use anymore, but it can be used for certain specific services that you both require.
  • Don’t buy in bulk and track inventory to always check the status of the stock.
  • Be aggressive with due payments and if possible, work in advance payments.
  • Hire smart and experienced people who are all-rounders and they can be your best assets. Create an atmosphere of positive competition by motivating your Salesforce with incentives and high salaries

Cash is the king of every business and its management should also be taken care of in the same way.

Targeting the market and put an end to wasted marketing techniques.

“Business has only two functions — marketing and innovation.” — Milan Kundera, Writer & Playwright.

The concept of marketing cannot be considered as a stereotypical one and it does not belong to any specific climate. It is a natural technique that nowadays cannot be executed personally everywhere, due to which there are many ways in which you build a pyramid through marketing which yields the exact results.

Marketing will be a costly affair and twitter who uses 44% of their revenue and Salesforce who uses 53 percent of its revenue in marketing, are perfect examples for this.

Let’s look at some points about how to reduce the costs in marketing.

Create a positively optimized social media presence.

Social media has platforms like Facebook which is a good way of marketing your products and services which has ad services that can be well-optimized through well-paid services and organic content. Use social media platforms to connect with your existing and potential customer base and you will find maximum amount of marketing costs reduced.

Create a marketing plan that starts effectively.

You ever thought about the treasury that lies in your own business?  Your company has itself a customer base in a huge figure and you search in Google about what is good in your product. The irony here is easily noticeable.

Prepare a window by contacting your existing customer base and ask them about the reasons for trusting your company. It kick starts a plan that gives you the steps to a new plan which will help you leverage N number of benefits.

Avoid changes which are going to prove costly when the current technique is already in-progress.

Re-evaluate and understand your product pricing regularly.

Your over-all profitability is crossing its target every month but do you believe it’s enough? To stay ahead of any unforeseen instance, it is better to constantly check the profitability of the product every month.

Pricing is based on specific factors such as;

Such factors decide your pricing and how it is viewed. But when you review your prices on such factors you will immediately know whether the prices should be hiked or they should be lowered. You will also know whether the product you are giving is profitable according to the resources invested in it?

This helps you to understand that what your business and company future looks like based on the market perceptions and you can reduce cost by cutting off all the products that are useless or making changes in them which decide their profitability.

It’s always advisable to listen and put a keen eye on customers and their experiences with your company.

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One way to go is customized business software

Customized software means software that are personally made to suit the needs of your business. This saga never ends because there is a confusion of using off-the-shelf software and custom software. Off the shelf software cannot meet specific needs and customized software allows you to digitalize your operations and cater needs and requirements.

The business benefits are as follows:

  1. Your business model is simplified and enables productivity of your employees.
  2. Tailor-made software energizes your business processes and completes them without hassle of monitoring them.
  3. Reporting processes gain speed.
  4. You can integrate various business programs at one place.
  5. Top Notch security can be considered as a plus in such software.
  6. Their maintenance is available for as long as you want.
  7. Hardware cost are not required because majorly they do not specifically need a device for using it.
  8. You can maintain your business as per your wish and in the way your business grows in time.

Thus customized software gives you customized solutions for each of your problems.

Take Ample Care of your employees

This tactic might not show direct influence or results but I assure you, it does well in the long run.

Employees are the heart of every business and taking care of them through financial and mental health, ensures the best results in terms of profit for the company.

Prepare a strong backbone of your business by supporting your employees. The best way to reduce the cost of your business is to motivate your employees in caring for the company and its cost reduction.

Ending Lines

You owe it to yourself and your business to identify the challenges that hinder your business and it can be best done by always keeping on reevaluating business terms and challenges. After all, increased profit does not mean increasing cost per annum, and every smart entrepreneur understands this.


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