Website Design & Development: 7 Factors that Actual influence your web page Conversion rate.

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If you are looking to grow your business online and working for your online presence than it is right time to set up various types of website conversions to help your company to grow. Whether you are looking to earn more email or you tube subscribers or sell more products and services, you can set conversion goals that grow your business. But before setting various goal there are some website design and development factors that can affect your conversion rate.

Generally, there are 2 types of the conversion macro conversion and micro conversion.

Macro conversion: when conversion cover visitor’s actions aimed at completing task that are most important for company’s revenue like purchase, filling the form, requesting quotes or signing up for a free trial.

Micro conversion: micro conversions are the one which do not direct influence the revenue like news letter subscription, face book page follower or blog views.

Both the form of the conversions is important in growth of the business so let’s discuss further.

7 Factors that Actual influence your web page Conversion rate.

Speed of the web site

There is a still belief that if you have good design and content on the site than speed is minor factor but there is big NO for you.

Would you like to wait longer for site loading?

90% say no there are other options available and its true, market have tough completion if your site is taking too much time to load than you will lose your customer over your competitors. Here you are in high need best website development service to fix your speed issue. It is clearly indicated that you need to improve your site’s respond time to improve conversion rate.

Relevant Traffic

Every business needs a customer after all “customer is king” but what if you are not showing your product or services to right customer.

When your start marketing of your product and service be clear about what type of audience will your potential customer otherwise you will hardly be able to make conversion.

There are many tools available that help you to identify your right audience and Google analytics is best for this. But you have been aware about your customer’s choice and exactly for what they are looking for, I mean their search intent.

Be specific about “why should they choose you over your competitor?”

If they would not find data they are looking for they will exit your site, so if you are not able to put yourself in market properly you can hire a digital marketing agency for this.

Offers and Discount

I personally love offers if I find good offer I will definitely make purchase decision. But what if the offer your company makes is not valuable to your customer?

Than your entire marketing and designing efforts towards your conversion rate will become useless.

Now a days when the market is full do competition with product and services it is hard to offer something which is unique and extraordinary. So in the very first stage, you should do a brain storming to list out the benefits your customer will get from your product or services that differentiate you from competitors.

If you want to improve your conversion offer first ask someone to test your landing page, and if the person would not able to tell what they will get from your offer than you need to revise your landing page.

  • Get answer of the some questions.
  • What exactly your customer will get by your offer?
  • If your customer is looking for this type of offer or not?
  • What is your primary competitive advantage?
  • Does your offer add value to your customer?

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UX/UI design

No doubt design will decide whether a landing page is going to convert or not. Your website designer has to think about usability and user engagement, and KPI and he must have the idea of the KPI. Depending on the researched data of company like value propositions and buyers’ personal profile and strategic marketing goals, designer start developing ui/ux design.

As a web design agency, we completed various projects and have extensive experience in making web designs that convert. Based on this experience, we’ve highlighted some trends that will dominate the market for 2020.

Make the Design Responsive

Your website design should be responsive to all devices and all browsers. As we all know people now-a-days more depend on their cell phone rather than a desktop so it is a better idea that you optimize site first for mobile and then for desktop.

Mostly user more rely on cell phone so it is better to have your personalized, integrated and smart app to rapidly serve your customer.

Relevant and updated Content

After doing all the stuff let’s think about main copy that will going to help you on the way of conversion.

Like any marketing strategy, a content strategy starts with identifying your target audience. When you know who your readers are than you must know their pain points than only you can solve their issues and you can engage them with your post.

Determine the sales funnel stage your customer goes through to pick most interesting topics that reflect your audience’s needs.

Share valuable information your impending clientele are going to look for. That is how you will demonstrate your proficiency and willingness to assist. This is how you can build trust. So your site continuously needs a updated content.

Call to action

If you want your visitor to complete certain actions, tell them to do so at the right time.

The surplus of information online does not leave users a chance to browse web pages carefully; instead, visitors scanning pages paying attention only to the key elements. That’s why marketers and designers know how imperative the call-to-action psychology is the completion for people’s consideration.

A CTA can be in any format like button, image, text, video or anything else. It can also encourage visitors to perform various actions depending on the nature of your business.

If you want your CTA to covert, you should make them user-friendly.  It requires clear understanding of your target audience to use color psychology wisely. It is dependent on gender, age, location, and professional status; people tend to perceive colors differently. Sometimes it happens that what worked great with one group of people may fail to work with another. Besides, the design of CTA elements design should reproduce the overall web design to make the entire page appearance pleasing.

Here you need to use action oriented language to convince your potential customer.

Poor Product image

Definitely, image makes major difference on conversion rate. If your product design is not proper or low quality it will to convert your customer. Avoid tiny, low-quality, grainy images in favor of large, clear and interesting photos if you want to improve conversions. 

Your customers don’t Trust You

There is nothing better than it; trust boost sales. So if you are experiencing low conversion rates, that your visitors do not trust you can be a reason.

Keep some points to improve trust factor;

  • Add testimonial in your site but that should be real
  • Add your original address, contact details, and your team photo on site if possible.
  • Provide live chat support if possible.
  • Make your site secure
  • Avoid too much pop-ups
  • Avoid spammy ads on site.

Use Analytics

It’s renowned that each and every change you make to a digital marketing strategy should be tracked. If you change something in the content, website design, traffic settings, or call-to-action mechanisms, you should monitor before and after analytics. Otherwise, all your efforts will come to zero and the return on investment figures will never be precise.

Here you need to set some conversion goal to measure your progress and should track your conversion channel and your buyers’ buying behavior.

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Wrapping up

If your site does not convert that means it is not working. To make business owner should be concerned about visitors performing certain action such as subscribing, filling out form, or make a purchase. These are few factors that really matters in the increase your conversion rate. So check out whether your business is performing accordingly or not and if not hire a good IT service provider to solve your all problems.


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