Find excited tips to celebrate Diwali at your office.


Instead of wires of landlines on the desk,

Diyas are lining each corner of the office space,

Instead of worrying pressure on everyone’s face,

There is a happy chatter and a lively pace,

Diwali doesn’t just adorn verandas and homes,

The offices too become beautiful in a way that is unknown,

The vibes are full of positive energy.

The people inside feel like a second family!

Don’t these lines relate to all of us hardworking employees somewhere? All of us eagerly look forward to the biggest festival for the year, Diwali.

Some people get bonuses and some get holidays, but the zest behind all of those actions is the same! Let’s see how these enhanced Diwali celebrations with innovative ideas!

Diwali Office Activities

Diwali brings a whole new atmosphere to hearts and minds. Though you are working on your PC there are fireworks going on in your head due to all the excitement. During such times, activities like cubicle decorating and Diya making are a bonus because your employees can give a personalized feel to their cubicles, and Diya making is an art that can capture your mind in an engrossing way.

You can bring out the hidden but unprofessional talents in your employees by organizing a talent show as well.

Diwali Puja.

There are 6 glorious days of Diwali and each day holds its religious importance. Organize a Pooja on all 6 days by following the appropriate rituals. These rituals will bring an auspicious vibe in the office where all negativity and pressurized auras will vanish.

Some employees are also away from home and these kinds of puja can remove their homesickness in a good way.

Diwali Games

Games are always a good way of lightening up the weight of the body and the mind. You can organize innovative games that stretch the limits of the mind and freshen up the monotonous work routine.

Diwali Office Decoration

Tired of the routine interior of your office? Now is your chance! Get up and decorate any area of the office in any way you like! This concept is a trending process where you can pick up materials of your choice and improve the decorum of any office area.

Flower designs, rangolis, hanging specimens of decorations, Diwali paper lanterns, and many other things are available which can create transform the ‘Gloomy office’ ambiance to a ‘Groovy’ place of art.

Ethics and Ethnic wear

Is this not true? It is a festival of Lord Ram who is the epitome of ethics and today, it is a landmark of Hindu festivals where everybody dresses in their best Indian attires.

Why not turn it into a fun Diwali celebration? Decide a color theme that goes with your office logo or dress up in various fascinating colors which can make eyes go wide! This Idea would be a major positive for all the ladies as well.

Gifts and Gratitude

Who doesn’t like Gifts? Giving gifts is one of the best ways of making someone’s day good and gifts that are unexpected are specially appreciated.

Diwali is the perfect occasion to give gifts to your colleagues and friends. Organize a ‘Gifting session’ and distribute gifts internally between your colleagues!

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Potluck Parties

Anyone here who doesn’t like food? Food is the way to not only to a man’s heart but every heart. Diwali gives you a free opportunity to rule over your dislikes and share mouthwatering food of your choice with your colleagues.

Get a big table, place your boxes, and attack on all your festive cravings. The choice of preparing the food on your own or ordering it from a restaurant is all yours!

Noob Nicknames

Nicknames are not something that is ‘Diwali-special’ but you can always set up a series of nicknames that are based on the whole character theme of Ramayana. It’s entirely upon you, that on what basis you give a nick-name to your colleague, based on their qualities or their habits?

Nicknames create a fun atmosphere that is great on Diwali!


Merge the Indian culture in the corporate culture where you can be the absolute best in any way you want! Diwali in offices is not just a ritual to make employees happy, it is an occasion of building a bond, which goes beyond clients, reports, and leads. let go of the Monotonous routine and give way to a new day and a new year!


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