A Secret that Speeds up Mobile Application Development


As we know developing a big mobile application is quite time consuming and expensive. Bringing a great idea in a life requires time and lots of efforts, which directly influences your financial budgets as cost of hosting and marketing campaign.

In developing, you can notice easily that time is money, so the more time you take to develop your app, the more it’s going to cost. There are a few ways that help a mobile app Development Company to reduce its cost.

But more than the budget, the amount of time your app spends in development can also determine whether your app is successful or ends up in the graveyard.

In this post, we will discuss how to leave your competitor behind in the race, and saving time effort and money by reducing your development cycle. By the end of the post, you will have all tips, tricks and tools you need to bring your creative dream to life as quickly and professionally as possible- and without compromising on the quality.

Cross platform development tools

When you think to develop any app first question that arises is ‘which platform should I support’?

But have you ever thought that when you restrict yourself with a single platform than you are limiting yourself with potential audience. But yes, developing for multiple platforms is not easy! Developing and maintaining multiple codebases is a great way to double, even triple your development time.

Cross- platform development tools enable you to target more than one mobile application platform with the same codebase, and eliminate your time that you are going to spend on translating, rewriting and re- compiling your code to work across various platforms.

There are many tools that supports cross platform development:

React Native:

As we know good developer always looking to optimize not only app but also process and workflows. There are lots of tools, frameworks, languages and platform existing and more pleasing all the time.

React native does not use any webview components, instead of these it compile directly to the device’s own machine languages. Using react native can make you more efficient and speed up your development times in a verity of ways.

Flutter SDK (google)

Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google. It is used to develop applications for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Google Fuchsia and the web. 

The Flutter SDK provides widgets that are styled according to Cupertino (iOS) and Material Design (Android) guidelines, so you can create only one user interface that will be the useful on both Android and iPhone.

Though flutter does not support windows and it is a new technology that does not have the level of community support you would typically meet with more established cross-platform tools. Flutter is also based on the lesser known dart programming, so you may need to spend some time to learn this before you start using flutter.

Other cross-platform tools include Phone Gap, Native Script, and more.


Xamarin is a Microsoft based open source product that enables cross-platform app development which uses the CLI and CLS with a C# shared code base. It let you target android, ios and windows using only C# codebase .NET, and visual studio IDE.

If you build a application using Xamarin leverage system and hardware- specific APIs, so your application will be optimized for each platform. Moreover, you can use cross platform UI toolkit, so your application would look perfect on whichever platform it is installed on.

Focus on creating an MVP

As soon as your first MVP is out in the wild you can start collecting feedback to help shape following releases. By delivering only the feature your users want, you can get maximum return in the minimum time when compared to carefully ticking off every idea off every idea on a long, long focused “ To Do” list. Only then can you find product market fit.

In the worst case, your MVP can release that your app is not fit for the market so at that it can be biggest time saver for you. After all, you can save your time from the product nobody wants.

It will also give you chance to evolution during the development so you can avoid after development issues and last minute rush.

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Becoming Agile

 While developing an application, following an agile is the best practice that will allow you to receive early feedback from your user and provide you a room to correct your mistake early. It will also reduce your waste of time on the feature that your users do not want.

Wireframes: Explore your ideas before writing code

Wire frame is nothing but low fidelity visual representation of your apps UI. By creating wireframe you can explore many things like your apps design and structure and architecture in small amount of the time and it will also help you refine your existing concept in effective way through follow- up wireframes.

Wire frame helps you to identify any UX or design issues before you start any code writing. So it can solve your major issues that you have to face and save your time from rewriting code.

When you are working in the team then it allows you to ensure that everyone starts with the same page and helps to avoid misunderstanding and misconceptions.

You can create wire frame using simple pen or pencil and then physically sketching out your ideas. You can also create digital wireframe using software such as adobe Photoshop, or presentation tools.

Automated Testing: Run More Tests, in Less Time

Testing is the time taking process but if you are going to deliver a secure and high quality application than you need to test your code multiple times.

But automatic testing can dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to test your code. If it is possible to apply multiple testing methods at the same time, you could potentially use automated testing to increase number of tests you perform, while it will decreasing the amount of time you spend testing.

There is a range of the automated software that helps you to run automatic testing. Using that you can test your application without having to spend time re-compiling your code
Standard Quality Assurance and Code Reviews

Instead of delaying quality assurance until you have completed the product, you should conduct a thorough QA test after you complete each module. The concept should be followed in code reviews.

Doing quality check after finishing the each module allows you to solve the issue when it arise rather than waiting for till end of the developing cycle, by which point those issue may be extremely ingrained within your application.

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Consider Using Third Party Assets

You should avoid reinvention when it is not needed.

There are many websites dedicated to providing ready-made assets that you can just drop into your application projects including music, graphics, and code. These type of third party assets help you to deliver a high quality product while also reducing the time of the development.

If you are developing a mobile game, then the Unity Asset Store has plenty of resources for you to decide from, including characters, special effects, and cameras. It also includes a range of efficiency tools that can dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend writing code, such as the uScript prototyping and visual scripting tool, and Adventure Creator which promises to help you create 2D and 3D mobile games, with no coding necessary.

Get a Helping Hand

When you are working on many task and some of them are fall aside than your area of expertise than it make sense to get help from outside.

Imagine if your developer are expert in the android but they do not have expertise in the iOS than forcing them to resolve issue it would be better idea to find the outside developer who has already proven their strength in the same. You can choose remote worker or freelancer that can help you in reducing the time of developing

Wrapping up

These are the few tips and tact’s that will help you to deliver application as soon as possible. You can try these steps and get help of the third party tools that will reduce your time of development. Well, developing a high quality application in small time is an art and requires lots of efforts and dedication but these steps can surely help reduce your workload.


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