An exclusive discussion on mobile application development trends for 2020


Mobile app industries are reshaping from the past few years. Regardless of every business, domain requires integrated mobile application development technologies to gather maximum growth and multiply the means to reach the targeted audience. It is the reason mobile application development services are more in demand.

As per experts, mobile industry is the fastest growing mania nowadays. It generates more than 935 million dollars in revenue. So it is important to keep an eye on the mobile developments’ upcoming trends that will dominate in 2020 to get the outstanding integrated mobile application from professionals.

Mobile development trends of 2020.

The Emergence of beacon technologies

Beacon technology is the first mobile application development trend that is vital and quickly embraced by industries like hotels, healthcare and now almost all industries. It plays a great role in location technology and the immediacy of marketing. It is easy to use and thus, is used on a regular basis.

Beacons can be handier in the retail sector especially when it is merged with IoT. Emerging of the on-demand services beacon becomes more famous in mobile development.

  • Mobile payments beacons;
  • Food services
  • AI-enabled chips;
  • Wireless products
  • Automated machine learning;
  • Cab services
  • Beacon treasure hunting.

Impact of 5G Wireless Services

It will be implied by end of the year because now people tend to rely more on mobiles and 5g wireless services will provide more speed that will definitely increase more dependency on mobile phones and applications.

Application of the 5G technology will not be limited to only the speed. It will also acquire various other features.

  • Data security
  • 3D games
  • Speed
  • Augmented reality

When we are talking about the mobile application development advancement, mostly mobile companies are already up to launch their fanatical 5G capable chips. With such extensive capacity of the 5G services, the mobile developer needs to design the apps accordingly, so that the user can take advantage of faster network speed for improved performance.

Artificial Intelligence Making the Apps Smarter

Artificial intelligence is the main center of interest from the past few years with a significant breakthrough in the new technology in mobile application development. It helps in the deep analysis of anything. When you have an online selling app, AI would have a great impact on its targets. Not AI integration is common in all application and it will not make app smarter but also it saves lots of time, energy and money.

Google’s duplex, M, New Google assistant, an AI program that is able to make calls on behalf of humans to fix an appointment with a local business. It shows AI involvement in the best part of the app industries.

IoT (Internet of Thing)

IoT is a vast network of interconnected computing devices that Enable the switch over and transfer of data and information. Actually, IOT in mobile apps will help to remotely control the smart gadgets like A.C, doors, Lockers, and so on via smart-phones. Moreover, mobile apps with IoT allow connecting bands wristwatches and another wearable to smart-phones.


More and more people are indulging in mobile purchasing; the market of the M-Commerce becomes wider. Now  people love to do online shopping as well as online payments. Moreover retail and

E -Commerce businesses nowadays prefer apps that allow their customers to shop easily and also receive all information and notifications.

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Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Cross-platform mobile app development means able to perform on multiple networks. It also takes less time to develop in the market, reducing the cost of the organization. Even cross-platform mobile application is a hot favorite in the developers.

On-Demand Service Application are booming

Now people love all things on their fingertips like on-demand parking, house for rent, food delivery, and transportation. On-demand services are booming so all organization wants to add this type of services in their application. It is only the starting of demand. Now people operate all things on their phone even tv also so it creates a new era of the mobile world.

Transformation through AR and VR

It is said that AR and VR will be essential in a business in a few years,  , the future will be more advanced than we imagine at the moment. But It is not deniable that both Technologies have will have a big impact on each sector of the business. And mobile development is a big part of that.

Some of the social media apps have contained some features of the AR at present. But in future AR and VR will be more in demand for mobile applications.

Mobile Wallet significance

The more demand in e-commerce and online baking has added to incredible growth in the online payment options available for the user. People are gradually shifting to m-commerce. Yet, blockchain is surprisingly entering into the mobile payments and powering the apps with more secure money transactions.

It will also replace the money with digital money so it is more important to integrate payment gateway with mobile applications.

 Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) into Action

Accelerated Mobile pages are the project from Google team up with Twitter. Amp is a stripped-down version of the HTML that helps to load the heavy site and web pages easily on mobile phones. Amp increases the speed, performance and descries the bounce rate of the site and application.

So we can say that AMP will play a vital role in website development speed, its performance, online presence. It will boost the business to the next level by providing the fastest user experiences.

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Wrapping Up

So we can say that in future people would more depend on their smart phones. So it would be a better idea to get well developed and integrated mobile application for your business as mobile is the most important part of human life. They do not imagine their life without mobile phones.


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