Everything you Need to Know about Food Delivery App


Over the past few months food delivery and takeout have become a lifeline for the restaurants across the globe. Covid-19 pandemic is the toughest challenge the industry may have ever had to face; it does illustrate the remarkable elasticity of restaurants,

Food delivery at home was a successful business before we were hit by the corona virus. Now more than ever, speedy, convenient and efficient online ordering options have become the norm after this is all over. Some of those new habits will remain and change the way we have been approaching delivery all together.  People always love to eat within comfort of their home.

Here are some of the facts and processes which are essential to understand why food delivery app is necessary for restaurants.

How  food delivery apps can helpful you to sustain your restaurants?

People love to order food online and due to the pandemic effect it is necessary for all hotels and restaurants to maintain hygiene and much people would not prefer to stay at a single place. So having a food delivery app is quite a good idea.

Benefits of having a self-owned food app

  • It does not require big staff.
  • It does not require high maintenance.
  • can take multiple orders at same period of time.
  • do not require big space.
  • You can track delivery of your product
  • Send customized notification to your regular customer.
  • Create better relations with your customers.
  • You can also allow third party advertisement on your platform for more revenue.

These are just a few benefits. Now let’s talk about how your dream will come true.

How do food delivery apps work?

Before delivering the details of the functioning of any food delivery app, it is essential to understand the various stakeholders involved in the transactions. For any food delivery app there are three stakeholders; these are the consumers, the restaurants and the delivery people.

The functioning for all three stakeholders’ is essential to understand how a food delivery app functions for them separately.

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How Does App work for consumer?

The consumers are the main revenue stream for the company, so it is very important how the food delivery app works for them. The company requires looking into the technicalities of the application along with the variety they are wanted to provide their consumers. The food delivery apps need to be easy to download, use, and navigate through for the consumers. Here are some of the simple steps depicting the consumer’s journey of a single transaction: registration and create account, browse restaurants, make order and also track your order.

How Do Food Delivery Apps work for Drivers?

Drivers are the other important part of the food delivery business. They bridge the gap between the restaurants and the consumers. These type of apps help driver to have jobs and they help strengthen the foundation of the business. It is necessary to make the user interface very easy to navigate for the drivers so that they do not need any specific knowledge in advance to join the business

The registration process for the drivers is fairly simpler. They just need to register with the food delivery app with their individual information and driving eligibility. Once their profile is live, they will start getting riding orders and can start working with the company. The pay-out for the drivers varies from business to business.

How does the food delivery app work for Restaurants?

It is also essential for you to makes sure that the restaurants do not have less experience with the app. The knowledge mainly impacts the long term relationship of the restaurants with the company, and the likelihood of them providing coupons, discount offers to the app’s consumers. Here is the detailed process of how food delivery app works for the hotels and restaurants.

The Minimum Required Set of Features to Be Competitive in the Market

First of all, let’s decide on what the must-haves for your future on-demand delivery application are.

In a general way, to keep abreast with the market, you should take into account the following aspects:

  1. fast ordering and delivery
  2. Fast and secure payments
  3. flawless mobile user experience
  4. Geo location choice
  5. Delivery tracking
  6. Feedback system

Now let’s go into detail and take a closer look at the features and modules you should include into an on-demand food delivery app.‍

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Other things to Focus

Exclusive offer for user subscription:

All food delivery applications give their customers to choose for exclusive user subscription. These premium subscriptions help the consumer to get exclusive service while the business can earn more subscriptions and offers.

Define verities of the dishes

If you have a multicuisine restaurant than you need to clearly define all categories separately to help your user choose what they would like to have. It can be defined in various part as veg. non veg, combo and so on.

Dynamic delivery charges:

Every order on the food delivery applications has different delivery charges. These charges are determined on various factors such as availability of the riders. Distance to delivery is covered by the riders. These charges can be a profit for the Company.

These are several revenue streams that help food delivery applications earn profit in the market. While designing this kind of business it is necessary to understand that these revenue streams make an income model alike it to have a plan before launching the same in the market.

A feature like mobile payments

In-app payment option is most important in todays on- Demand services market. The whole world is moving towards a cashless future. Instead of providing all your delivery workers with post terminals, it will be way cheaper for you if you implement a payment gateway when you make mobile apps like UberEATS or Zomato.

Reviews matters a Lot

Post delivery there is one task to maintain; a good relation with the customer and create the finest user experience.

  1. Was the meal as expected or not?
  2. Were they not satisfied? Why?
  3. Is the delivery fast enough?
  4. Any suggestions?
  5. Can you rate our services?

After delivering an item that the customer has ordered, asking customers how their experience was.

Always keep in mind; show them their original order history and bill and delivery time according to you.


It can be seen that the online food delivery is rising for a long time, and after lock-down people prefer these type of services , which is the reason for its continues development in the market. Various versatile applications and online services that offer a high level of services and are merely unique will consistently be popular and demanding.


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