Check out these points if your websites is not converting


 “Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.”

Isn’t this line true? Websites in today’s world are entities that stake the ultimate loyalty to your business! When you build a website, you are building customized vibes to attract special tribes according to your requirements.

It’s 2020 now, so you probably know what impact digitalization holds on your business, but do you know what your website would need to boost credibility and the numbers of clients, both together?

Let’s jump into a scene of 7 Facts that are going to show you the reasons for declining statistics and change your website from client-repelling to client-enticing in no time at all!

Fact 1: It takes about 0.05 seconds (only) to form an opinion on your website.

Ever heard of snap judgments? Well, this is the best example. When someone enters your domain by typing your domain name, they do not read but they visualize.

And visualization means rapid swiping through websites until a user sees a website that fits their needs.

Now, what can we do to resolve this? It’s quite simple. Give them what they want, A Design so good they would not want to go anywhere else.

Fact 2: 57% Users say that if a website is poorly designed for mobiles, they won’t recommend the owner of that website.

Mobiles are something NOONE would survive without, and how would a businessman benefit from the same? By designing a website that can be accessed from any mobile or any device.

But what happens when the website performs poorly on mobiles and beautifully on Laptops? The Ratio of people viewing the website on a Smartphone is a LOT higher than the ones viewing it on Laptops.

It is necessary to design websites that have an optimal user experience and would not appear strained when being loaded on the phone. After all, you would not want the reputation of your business to appear strained as well, would you?

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Fact 3: 85% Users think that a website should look as good on a Mobile, as it looks on a Desktop.

When a user pinches and zooms the website on their Phone to view it nicely, you can assume that user to be as good as gone.

All websites should have a feature known as Responsive Web Design. This simply means that the website should adjust based on the pixel width of the device upon which it is being viewed.

If you have a responsive website, then it becomes easier to navigate and happier to view and legible too.

Fact 4: 38% of people will stop engaging with your website if they find the content or the layout to be unattractive.

Getting past the 0.05 Seconds of doom isn’t enough, is it?

Some websites can look great throughout, although that is helped as there are catchy images of beautiful and luxurious products when it comes to the layout, the website can be a bit vexing.

Whenever you go over some any category, they give a dropdown menu. Nothing is wrong with drop-down menus – except that each drop-down menu has a series of drop-down menus, creating an ocean of confusion that can be extremely frustrating to decode.

What to do about this?

The first step is to accept the fact that not all websites are good at conversion into sales and drop-down menus are not the only issue hindering ‘Good Layout’.

There are thousands of ways to solve this issue and the main one is to understand how users would interact with your website.

You have to make sure that your website is well structured and well maintained from the start to the finish.

Fact 5: 39% People will stop engaging with a website if images take too long to load or would not load.

If a company’s website updates broken images that would not say good things about the company’s attention to detail and level of organization. 

Images have the ability to slow down the load time of the pages resulting in further user abandonment. Slow-loading websites cost retailers 2.6$ Billion in lost sales each year!

Now, It’s easy to fix this issue of ours, as the source is easy to identify: Large File Size.

 Though it’s tempting to beautify your website with good, high-resolution images, it can greatly detract from your website’s effectiveness. Slow time not only affects your user behaviour, but it also affects your SEO.

There are many ways to extract good user behaviour, and a fast loading website is the main one of all of them.

Fact 6: Users spend an average of 5.59 seconds looking at a website’s written content.

Content on a website is not small enough to be reviewed in 5.59 seconds. So what ideas should we use to portray the image of our company through content?

Now, it’s a given fact that not every business can display each of their products with their features and prices, and reviews.

People nowadays use the concept called “progressive disclosure.”

Progressive disclosure means that the users aren’t bombarded with content they don’t need, but if they require some information they can dig deeper into the website and find it as well.

As long as what the users need is not confusing to find, it creates a great user experience for your website. Easy and Reliable content would be enough to portray your company goodwill in a positive light.

Fact 7: 70% of small business websites lack CTA (Call to action) on their website.

Taking orders from a website in 2020? This might sound authoritative in another sense but that’s what the users of today want you to provide them through your website.

When users visit your website they would be impressed seeing the design and the HD Images, but then what? They would need to know what to do after having the visual Idea.

Your website is your online point of sale and it should have some progressive steps that would lead the users to where they want to be.

If a user wants some specific service or wants to buy a product, the website should be making it extremely easy for them.

According to businesses, the CTA would differ, but if your website fails to do the same the users are bound to go elsewhere.

These and there are many other facts and statistics that could let you know about the best user experience that you could ever have from a website.

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Wrapping up:

You should know that your website is actually a magnet for judgment.

Your website is an online mirror image of what you might be in the actual world, and no amount of classy offices would make a difference if your website itself is shabby.

The credibility of your website is social proof of your prosperity.

First impressions always count and that would be the stepping stone to your amount of sales in the virtual world. 


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